A guide to carpet styles

Choosing a carpet style can be a little intimidating at first because you'll walk into a carpet store in Fort Smith, AR, and see hundreds of rolls with various colors, patterns, and construction, all from different mills. It's important to stay mindful of your needs and the room requirements because they all have different characteristics, making some better for certain types of installation than others. Here's a breakdown of each style.

The iconic Saxony

This is what most people think of when they hear the words “carpet installation.” It's a cut pile of medium height with either a plush, velvety appearance (known as a Straight Saxony) or a textured appearance (referred to as Trackless, or Textured Saxony).​ This rug works for almost any decor, but plush is most appropriate for formal settings because of the high-end velvet finish.

Textured or Trackless Saxonies are less formal in appearance, making them ideal for family rooms and dens. Unlike Straight Saxonies, they don't show footprints or vacuum marks and are great for heavily foot trafficked rooms. This rug is a popular choice for large families with kids and pets.

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Berber carpets: the looped construction

While it was once referred to as a flecked rug with a white, beige, or gray background, today, it refers to a looped style of carpet. During the manufacturing process, all rugs start as looped with fibers threaded through the backing. Fibers can either stay looped or be cut (called "pile") into various heights. With Berbers, fibers stay uncut with loops that range from small and tight to large and chunky. Berbers can be used in any residential installation and are often seen in commercial spaces, such as offices.

Other styles of carpet

The frieze style features longer fibers so tightly twisted they curl, giving this rug a perfect casual look for family rooms. People often confuse frieze with shag, the latter having longer fibers that are loose and straight. The last one is cut and loop, which is just as the name implies. This style offers various designs and textures, with patterns made from combining the cut fibers and loops to become geometrics or pin dots, among others.

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